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Hacker's guide to sin and Doom?

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Most of us know about productions such as "The Sky may Be" or "The Blessed Engine". Both were made by the same authors-DOUG, The Eagle and KANSAM.
The Blessed Engine

Some of us (especially those who like to wonder on the TTLG portal) should know about the Hacker's guide to Sin-a mental breakdown of the excellent TTLG game-System Shock
Funny as hell, if You played the game

So how do those 2 relate to each other? Simply put-DOUG the Eagle and KANSAM (one of them is really J.P. Morris, tough I'm not sure which one) are also the authors of the HGTS.

Proof? A careful inspection of the HTGS reveals the following:
-Doom is mentioned and a link (dead tough) is provided in the "plot section" in Part One. This indicates the author(s) must've been messing with the Doom engine.
-The Blessed engine is mentioned in the text (the one I've given the link to above)-it is by Skorpion's description in the weapon's section.
-only those 2 wackos were crazy enough to do the HTGS and what they've done for Doom :P

Curious no? Reading trough the HTGS (if You haven't done so already) should be a good proof of how wacky Doug and Kansam were-but importantly-it's all for laughs.
Happy reading.

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