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Pro Tools is Free! (Mac Users)

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You two obviously need to shut up. (baron, nightmare). You're both known as trolls. Anyway, I don't have a mac but I think somebody I know may find this useful. Thanks for the link.

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MacWadMaker said:

Sorry... was not aware
Did not intend for it to be...

You did not do anything wrong. You are merely giving the mac owners among us a nice heads up regarding a rather juicy freebie.

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Shit, it's times like this that I wish I owned a Mac. Pro Tools is one of the few computer programs I've actualy been trained to use.

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Danarchy said:

I wish I owned a Mac.

Craig's List... Got a 400DV iMac 20gig/384ram $125
(Just info... not a plug for mac or craig's list)
This is a good program for DOOM midis was my point.
You can mix 48 midi trax in one session and sample one, all or any combo.

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You're allowed to plug all you like. That baronofhell idiot thought that ProTools was your program, and you were trying to sell it. He is an idiot.

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