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Demo Playback in Eternity

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Just when you might have thought crusher-related problems had been solved, another one comes along...

As pointed out by Ebon here, Eternity versions 3.33.00 and 3.33.01 have problems playing back many demos with crushers. Until that is fixed (or a workaround discovered, if there is one), I'd suggest reverting to Eternity 3.31.10 for all those who like to use Eternity to watch demos.

In case you're wondering, this isn't the same issue as PrBoom has/had with crushers, and Eternity 3.33 doesn't play back those desynching demos (based on testing cycloid's bnd8-439).

<strong>Edit (2-Oct-05): This bug has been fixed in Eternity version 3.33.02, so that version is recommended for all your demo-playback-in-Eternity requirements.</strong>

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This will be looked at immediately. Thanks for bringing it to everyone's attention (especially mine ^_^).

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