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Crazy doomguy

What happens when I download WADs and they are put into Microsoft Excel

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Are you trying to open the wad itself? You aren't supposed to do that. You have to take the wad into your doom directory and either use a command line:
EX. C:\games\alldooms\doom -file poop.wad

Or drag and drop for most source ports.

You could also try a launcher for with a source port.

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Bloodshedder said:

You have to unzip the WAD first. Use WinZip or something.

On my computer, you don't even need an extraction program. Click on the hyperlink for the WAD. Then click "Open" or "Save" in the dialogue box. "Open" displays a Windows Explorer window, allowing you to select only the files you want, while "Save" saves the entire zip file to a folder. When it is done saving, just double-click on the zip file to view it's contents.

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