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Naked Snake

The mindset of a zombie

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The zombie stood his ground, clutching a state-of-the-art XM1150 Chaingun, though the zombie didn't know this. In fact, the zombie only knew two things about the gun. How to shoot it (not accurately, really) and how to slowly reload it. It also knew that whatever it killed it could eat. It really wanted to kill. The only impulses it had were driven by kill and eat, they obviously had no motivations to mate, mutual necrophelia would be quite creepy regardless.

He stood near his brethren, whom he tolerated only because they had not shot him. He didn't like being shot and would eat whoever did, friend or foe. Oddly enough, he did have the capacity to prefer Demon meat over human meat, which is quite odd. Slowly he let out a low moan of disdain and boredom. His fellows chorused their own moans and growls.

Suddenly, the door burst open, which if had the zombie been an actual human soldier, would have alerted him. Instead, he stood until he saw the being was alive. He roared in anger and began to open fire as his comrades began to pelt the living with pistol and shotgun fire. In his hatred he ignored all semblence of his former training, forsaking cover to blast lead at the offender. He took a few and retreated around the corner. Instead of waiting in ambush, the zombie began to move back and forth, growling and moaning and waiting. The marine rushed into the room again, this time clutching a rocket launcher, though once again the zombie didn't know this, as he didn't know how to use that gun or even that it was a weapon. The rocket came forth and the first thing the zombie thought was "can I eat this?". Well, when the rocket impacted, gibbing the zombie, it did have a final thought.


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