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I've now closed the draft period for V5 GL-Nodes, so the current specs are now official. I've also made a test binary of glBSP which can generate the V5 format, available here:


See the included TXT file for more info, but in short: use -v5 option to make V5 GL nodes, and add the -normal option to generate ZDBSP format regular nodes as well (assuming normal WAD output, not GWA). No support yet for the GL_LEVEL stuff (e.g. longer than 5 letter level names).

Also available are some test wads, the package is here:


The most relevant one is the one built with (you guessed it) V5 format GL nodes, and it also contains ZDBSP format regular nodes (which worked OK in my test with ZDoom 0.96, but a verification would be appreciated). All the test wads are the same map, but V4 is missing, so if someone wants to compile it with a V4 node builder, I'm happy to include it when the specs page is eventually finished.

This has taken a lot longer than it should have - apologies to those who have been waiting. Working on glBSP has become a real chore for me, the next release (v2.20) will be the last, and I don't think it will contain some things that I promised some people (e.g. stop it from merging vertices).

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