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I <3 DoomBuilder, but...

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...sometimes when I start to move things around in 2d editing mode, thing will begin to take forever to respond. for instance, i'll select a vertex, and move my mouse to the destination of the vertex, and doombuilder will lock up and about 4 seconds later, will move the object. it's quite annoying. can be fixed with restarting doombuilder, however.

also, occasionally when i press 'tab' to view all of the textures when editing lines or sectors, Doombuilder will give me a runtime error, and it crashes, losing all work done before saving.

sometimes when entering or exiting 3d mode, DB will crash without warning. there's no error message, i just look down at my taskbar and it's gone.

these are just some nucances i've experienced while using db... nothing really serious, just annoyances.

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