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Pure Hellspawn

Weapon binding problems

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I'm running into a problem here. I am using a new Source Port (ZDOOM 2.0.96 X-2) for deathZor's weapons wad. The problem I have is that I want to add some other extra weapons from another weapons mod. I have tried putting both of the wads in but the one I put in last overlaps the one I put in first.

How can I run ZDoom and be able to use all the weapons from both weapon mods without overlapping? For weapon slots I can use 0-9.

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There are two ways you can do this:

1. Edit one of the WADs and edit the KEYCONF lump to include all the entries from the other one. This will require both the WADs to be loaded, and the one you edit will no longer be able to exist by itself.

2. Make more key bindings via the console. Type DUMPCLASSES WEAPON to list all the weapons, and bind keys to "USE <weaponname>". Unfortunately this means that you will have to use keys other than the numbers (the Numeric Keypad might be a good place to use, though - NUM0 through NUM9).

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