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Executive Quarters - Single Player

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The premise, credits and download links are here:


There are plenty of mirrors and even a torrent download option. There is a .zip and a .rar option as well. The .zip is double zipped so if you don't know how to open that just get the .rar.

I look forward to everyone playing it. I've been working on it on and off for a year so I'm anxious to hear your comments.


EDIT: When you hear the little girl whisper, "Saaaave me..." Do yourself a favor and save. :)

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Groovy! More Doom 3 action is always appreciated, and those are the sweetest looking shots I've seen of any D3 level ever.

/downloads and prays the gameplay doesn't blow


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JoelMurdoch said:
/downloads and prays the gameplay doesn't blow


it does every except blow. heXum has excelled with Executive Quarters and the level of Doom3 mapping standards are been raised considerably.

Simply the best sp-map so far imho :D

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The little girl boss thingy rocked, both encounters were REALLY impressive, I'm glad the bar was there, I didn't notice it the first time and wasted all my ammo on the flame wall.

Better layout than Id's maps, infact the only thing it was lacking in were cheezy audio logs. Best SP map I've played!

Not that it means muck but...


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Janderson said:

The little girl boss thingy rocked

yeah she was so creepy and a great effect. I also lost much ammo for the first few seconds shooting at the fire wall! :p doh!

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I almost hate this map. Why? Because the next one I play has a hell of a high standard to live up to. Brilliant in every sense of the word. The use of the little girl with the new voice work was great. The bit in the bathroom was priceless. Best Doom 3 map ever.

If you ever make another one hexum, I'd love to beta test it.

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Yup this is the reason I bought doom3. I have nearly 1100 wads for doom2 and doom and I have been playing em' on and off for over a decade. The excellent Mometo Mort and many others brought doom2 to a new level and who can forget the amazing H2H Mudfest madness.

I expect doom3 to be as great a vehicle for free and independent map and game designers as doom2 was.

This is an excellent start, as good or better than any of the actual doom3 game.

Well done!


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