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[newproject], jerkwad!

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Yeah, so. I'm making a levelset, and it's going to be GOD. on toast.

I'm pretty much a mid-oldschooler, so I know the drill. I make some levels, which will probably take me all summer. I haul them here to the library on a floppy disk, and you guys play them. I'm not bragging about new monsters/weapons or revolutionary effects/scripting, because they're not there. Hahahahah, anyway. Watch this space. You'll lov 'em.

And the name... (thanks Grazza) JERKWAD!


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Not yet. I kinda announced it after nearly finishing one map.

But it's going to be pretty damned ugly for quite a while, since I'm on a total gameplay fixation at the moment, and I'm making sure that every amount of conceivable space needed is present before detailing the levels. Screenshots won't do it justice, since there's a lot more than mere architecture I'm working on; for example, subtle pacing techniques have been employed in MAP01 (Which just needs detailing) so that common annoyances such as "mysterious switches that do something I'm not sure of" just aren't a factor.

Bottom line is that'll it'll be more fun than it will be pretty.

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Not at all. Since this is kind of an attempt at a statement which says "I know how to make good maps with better gameplay than the norm -- and here's how", many will think I'm being rather pretentious. So, the name is ironic. I'm a big fan of irony, as anyone who can remember many of my posts as Jayextee will be able to tell you ;)

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