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[feature request]DECORATE editor

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I don't know if this is the rightplace to ask this. But would it be at all possible to include a DECORATE editor in future releases. The reason that this would be a good feature, is that when ever making a map, and you want to fix the DECORATE code, you need to exit doombuilder, edit the DECORATE, then go back in doombuilder. If the code doesnt work, then you have to do it again. The cycle just gets really annoying, and feel that it would make some lives easier... just a thought though.

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No, not the right place to ask. DECORATE is a single lump in a WAD file which adds things for all levels in the game. Doom Builder does READ the DECTORATE lump to allow you to use your things defined in the lump, but it is not supposed to edit it as it is not a map-specific lump.

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if only wad editors would treat it as some kind of shared foleder, then you could be editing a map lump in one ed and a decorate lump in another...

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