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Runtime Error 35602 Key is not in unique collection

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I put some custom monsters in my wad from the resoure wads. When placing the monster before adding the decorate/sndinf/decaldef info, I just typed in the thing numbers and placed them on the map, and ran my wad with the resource wad during play.

I add SPAWNID 200 through 209 since the original decorate didn't have spawn ids. Don't know if that is significant.

Since adding the proper lmps, sprites, and sounds, I get the error when when I right click on a thing in my level.

The monsters work, they are playable in my level without running with the resource wads, I just can't edit things now. What did I miss?

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Well DB was set load monsters.wad when editing. So when I loaded my wad with the decorate entries from monsters.wad it caused the error.

Switched it to Doom2, and the problem goes away. (Yea lame I know)

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