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dehacked patch

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I am looking for the patch that gave a demon the ability to use the evil eye frames during its run/chase frames. The demon would morph into this object as it was pursuing you so quickly that it was hard to aim and shoot.
I have already searched through doomworlds patch archive with no luck.

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Never heard of it... sounds more like a bug to me.
Maybe the deh-file came with a wad-file which contained replacement sprites, but you only ran the deh-file instead of both deh and wad???

If you run the deh-file of Batman Doom (for example) without the wad-file monsters will morph into all kinds of weird stuff.

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No...this was a stand alone patch with no wad file.
Thanks for the reply....but i am taking this question over to the editing forum....where it should have been in the first place.

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