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dehacked patch

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I am trying to make a stealth revenant using dehacked. When you try to shoot at it....it will morph into an inert object and will remorph to chase you again.
I want the inert object to take no damage but cant figure out how to do this.
Here is the file:

Thing 6 (Revenant)
Hit points = 1300
far attack frame = 0
Speed = 10

Frame 321
Duration = 1

Frame 322
Duration = 1

Frame 323
Duration = 1

Frame 324
sprite number = 110
Duration = 80
next frame = 325

Frame 325
Duration = 1

Frame 326
Duration = 1

Frame 327
Duration = 1

Frame 328
Duration = 1

Frame 329
Duration = 1

Frame 330
Duration = 1

Frame 331
Duration = 1

Frame 332
Duration = 1

Frame 333
Duration = 1

Frame 334
Duration = 1

Can anybody figure this out?

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In Hexen there is a monster ("Centaur" IIRC) who raises a shield and stands ground when you shoot it. If I understand you correctly this is technically the same effect you seek.

I doubt this can be done within the original Doom(2).exe though.
You'll need to make your addon for a source port to do this. IIRC there is a monster in a wad called "Chosen" (for Zdoom) which also raises a shield. I recommend downloading it and copypasting the necessary lines form the Dehacked.

If you insist on making your addon for doom(2).exe you could replace the picture of the 'pain frame' (343 or 344?) with the picture of an object and increase the duration. This will morph the revenant and make him immobile for a while, but he will be able to take damage...

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I suppose there is a utility to separate the wad and dehacked patch from chosen because i dont see the patch...just the wad and text file.
I would like the patch to be compatible with my favorite ports...Eternity,Zdoom,and PRBoom.
I dont use vanilla doom.

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Zeg-Vok said:

Best bet is to learn DECORATE

Try using XWE for DECORATE. There is a monster resource wad featuring lots of monsters that can be used with DECORATE. XWE is hosting right here on doomworld.com.

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Decorate is only for Zdoom...which means it is not compatible with any other port.
Ill look into it but still prefer dehacked/bex.

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