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Scripting Strife stile interaction with people

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Umm, I just recently downloaded strife and fell in love with the way you can interact with people throughout the world. I want to some-how emulate this effect in ZDoom (but using doom instead of Strife) so I made a list of requierments to get it of the ground. How do I do these?

- Take controll away from player (prevent movement, rotation, and shooting)
- prompt user for input (ouch, this is the main problem. Is there any way to chek the status of specific keys?)

I have a feeling the only way is by using strife :\

Edit: I removed a part before I posted and forgot to remove another part that referenced it

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compleatly edited:

okay, I need to figure out how to set up strife dialoges in Zdoom. Can someone link me to a tutorial or help out?

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