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Naked Snake

Legions TEASER

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I'm working on quite a large fan-fic, so I decided to give a teaser portion. At first I was going to do the first chapter but was like "nah, better they not know a damn thing going on yet..."

Chapter 4 - Unholy Hymns

The Sarge explored a little in the water room. He found a massive clear chest but the PDA/PCC scan concluded this stuff wasn't glass and it was a hell of a lot harder than it. He even shot it a few times, the bullets flattened and fell to the ground. Inside it was an emerald tablet with inscriptions on it, 4 rows of them. With a little scrutiny, he realized one of the rows used the Latin alphabet! He didn't understand the words but it was most ********ly English letters. The other 3 rows were gibberish to him, one was symbols and not letters. He scratched his head and wondered what this little thing was exactly.

The Marines outside trekked around Sumaria's base, searching for the elusive weak block. They had to climb a slight cliff wall to reach the area where the PCC had marked. They had encountered some odd little creature at the top, a native species according to the PCC. It was about the size of a dog, yet it had one eye and two massive tusks, as well as one long hooked claw, which the PCC deduced was for climbing and defense. One of the troopers capped it with a personal arm, a sawed-off double barrel shotgun. He reloaded his two barrels with swiftness, the click of the shells and the clack of the closing of the barrels was almost one sound. He grinned at some of the boys, petting his toy. Hall, a short but powerful Private, couldn't resist but complain about the weapon.
"Sir, we use guns made to destroy an entire PLATOON, you carry a weapon that can only kill small creatures"
"Boy, this sucker right here can drop an elephant up-close n' personal, I know for a fact it can because I did it. If somethin' pops up in your face, you ********ly want one of these in your paws, believe me"
"What the hell do you expect to fight? A killer shaved gorilla with horns and sawed teeth?"

Sarge stared at the tablet and decided to take a sip of his water. He took a few nice gulps, which would be replaced. He looked back down at the tablet with shock. The tablet made sense! It said :

"Hello Explorer, please press the symbol below the case that looks like an eye with 3 pupils. This will retract an encoded file disk that acts as a universal dictionary for our language to your own."

he scanned the object with his PCC, having it read the file. Soon, it created a new file called "Dictionary", which he could use to translate any of the 4 types of writing. He turned around to refill his canteen when he noticed the water had turned red.

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I'm really starting to like your stories. This one was cool, the character interactions based on the one troopers DBshottie. I know this is just a teaser, but post more whenever you get the chance!

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