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An early beta of the new design of DC

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so what are you guys' reactions, huh? hulmilating of the new look of doomcenter? man show some respect to the site and bigdog. In fact, I feel it looks even nicer than the new look of DW ;p

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my god could it look any more like doomworld? and it doesn't look as good as the one they have now.

Sure it loads faster and they seem like they need faster loading pages right now but still... Could have alteast made it red/white instead of black/teal and let it stand out. I know bigd wouldn't purpously try to rip doomworld off or any other site, and I never really talked with him 1 on 1.

-pointless bullshit alert, please move on to next post at this time-

excuse my spelling mistakes if there are any I just can't seem to concentrate on the screen it all just looks soo distant... I think I have some wierd disease, I keep coughing, can't concentrate, everything seems like it's not real...

I live like 5 min away from Trenton NJ, ANTHRAX! i'M GONNA DIE! (sorry I find this all amusing right now, probably no one is reading this, but I feel like typing, I'll delete this tomorrow so if you indeed are reading this enjoy, don't quote it, just enjoy.)

ramnstein - ich will keeps echoing in my school, feels like my high is comming back... I'll just press "submit reply" now...

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