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(not) Planning a Project

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I am not used to the lingo so when I say 'project' I mean new story, new texture/enemies/levels...the works.

When I get a better computer and when I can make Doom/D2 maps. I'd like to have a go at Doom3 maps. I don't have anything in mind right now but I've always found the thought of a project or a TC for doom3 quite intriguing and have made it one of my goals to help in the production of and/or even start my own.

Until I learn scripting, or supercool-editing-skillz I won't be much use I guess. But anyway my question to you is; in its most complex form ('cause it lends a wider range) what elements could you include in the planning and production of a project? And what exactly do these elements entail (if they aren't obvious)? Do the physics and AI complicate things?

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