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imp-promptu mapping competition

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1. Maps must be based on the premise outlined in this image

2. Time is one week from tonight (27th july)

3. I will judge who the winner is

4. winner wins the pride of being the winner

5. i will compile all into a wad collection

6. all maps must be from scratch, use only doom2.wad resources and be boom port compatible

7. if you dont agree with these rules, dont enter

8. mail your completed map with description to me 3d AT cycloid DOT f9 DOT co DOT uk

9. i'll get around to putting up an info page at my site in the next few days

10. on your marks, get set, GO!

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just the imp-press part really, hotel optional. spotted it about 8 months ago and only just managed to sneak a drive-by-photo-shooting in tonight after dropping the missus off at the cinema!

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The full name appears to be Angie,s Imp-press Holiday Apartments. Great apostrophe use there.

lol, Bridlington. :p My childhood memories of that place are of huddling under blankets on the beach on a freezing cold summer's day.

Talking of an imp-press, Doom Resurrection had a nice area where imps were spawned onto a conveyor belt, which then led them under a crusher - "Imp Tomato Ketchup Factory".

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Grazza said:
lol, Bridlington

damn, rumbled!

if i can spot more funny themes with my digital camera i might run a few of these, must keep a look out for things involving the word "baron" or "spider". or just funky buildings i suppose.

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