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i need help

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hi this is the first time to add post in this forum i have downloaded doom builder and build a map but when iam exporting the map the program says:

the nodebuilder did not build the required structures
pleas check your map for errors or select adifferent nodebuilder.

and checked the map errors and fix all the errors and i have used all nodes and this messege review agein so what's the proplem

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from where i get diffrent nodebuilder i have used:

BSP Normal






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The problem occurs if you have only one sector on your map, or are building nodes with the wrong version of Doom you are editing for. So make sure if you start a map in Zdoom (Doom in Hexen) format, your using ZDBSP to build your nodes.

Only other thing I can think of is you are missing an error somewhere.

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if iwant to export a map for doom2 named MAP01 in Example:Demo.wad what node i should use and whate should i write on the parameters?

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For exporting you should choose parameters for most accurate nodebuilding. For testing you should choose parameters for fastest nodebuilding (you can select one of the pre-made profiles from that dropdown box). See the documentation of the nodebuilder for the parameters you need.

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