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#DM (w/pics)

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Progress is slow but steady for my first DM megawad. I still have plans for single-player maps, but I felt I could get familiar with DB and churn out a bunch of good maps in short order if I did some DM maps-- allowing me to focus on layout rather than balance, scripting, i.e. everything that takes a map so long to get finished. I figure that's an ideal way to get my feet wet. Anyway...
This megawad will be targeted at Vanilla Doom2 Deathmatch with 3-4 players. I have been testing them both in Vanilla and Skulltag, and they've actually been a lot of fun so far with 7 bots running around. Some screens:

Arid Canyon
This map is pretty much done; I'm just tweaking little gameplay issues like item placement and smoothing out the terrain. The map itself is 2 large areas with multiple tunnels connecting them both. There's a lot of contrast with light and dark, and very little in the way of camping spots.

The layout is mostly done, with items and secret areas and such to follow. This map will be all about wide open spaces, with much of the emphasis on long-range projectile fighting.

Dead Simpler
All done, and playtested to death (at least to my satisfaction). I may add something to it later, as it does seem to be lacking somehow. It's a tiny triangular arena with a good mix of weapons. LMS is actually tons of fun with this map.

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This is looking really good, Numbermind! Although I'm not a fan of DM, these maps look like a lot of fun, and they have a nice amount of detail without going overboard or being underdetailed.

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