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Editing for Quake

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Recently I've wanted to start mapping for Quake/Quake 2, but I don't know where to begin. IE which forums to go to, which editing programs to get etc... anyone have any suggestions? Sorry about posting this here :)

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Most Quake mappers use Worldcraft 1.3 full or 1.6 (NOT THE DAMNED VALVED-UP VERSION)

Some use BSP (by yahn bernier) or even QuArK. For textures, they use Wally.

( I know all this because i've mapped and modded quake for ages)

A popular mapping forum is func_msgboard, but beware, they have a primitive level of intelligence and manners and have a primitive way of foruming.

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It's okay if he shows his Quake work here too right? A little Quake never hurt anyone ;)

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If you're asking me, I don't see why not.

BTW, a good place to get Quake maps is from Speed Demos Archive. They have an extensive collection of maps here, and there's no need to go through Gamespy. There's also idgames2 of course, but it stopped accepting new submissions long ago.

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