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a trip to the store

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A man came to my counter. Well, a man in the broader sense of the term, anyway. This wasn't any ordinary guy, I could have told you right then. But what was off, what made him different, I couldn't tell you. What I could tell you was that he was getting a stick of gum.

"One stick? Just one?" I criticized, but only lightly; I wasn't going to botch a sale.
"Yes, just one. This one," he said coyly, sticking it down on the counter.
"Can I see some ID?" I asked, being something of a goody-2-shoes myself. The law was the law, I decided.
He flashed his mug; Nick Baker.
"Nick Baker," I said. "Your name is Nick Baker."
"Uh, yes."

At this point my wife walked into the store. Her name was Rex.
"Tom, could you take out the garbage when you get a chance!" she asked me.
"OK, just wait until I'm done.." I replied, knowing I'd find some way around it later. She knew it too, and spit on my face.
"Christ Tom, I said now. Do the fucking garbage now!"
"Actually you said.." started my customer.
"Goddamnit Nick Baker, nobody asked you!"

And the story concluded roughly around this point.

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