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Making perfect shapes (stars, polygons)

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how do you make perfect stars in Doom Builder, is there a way? otherwise, can someone link me to a prefab of one. (actually, don't, I'm going to rip one out of a wad)

edit: AHHH it won't work, I need to make my own pentagram somehow :(

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1. Make a pentagon using the Curve Line tool
2. Connect the dots

EDIT: Sorry, I'll be more specific:

  • Create a triangle-- say, with coordinates (0,0), (0, 256), and (128,128). You should have what looks like an arrow pointing right with perfect 45-degree angles.
  • Highlight the two smaller lines and click the curve tool. Make the two lines curve outward, and click "force circular" with a delta angle of 90. Now you have a perfect half-circle. Don't click OK yet...
  • Now, you should pick the number of segments based on what shape you want to make. We're making sure the number is EVEN so we can delete vertices later, so we want 10 lines (5 on each line). Enter 4 segments.
  • Deselect the small lines and highlight the long one. We want to do the same thing-- although since it's a whole side we want twice the number of lines.
  • We now have a circle made of 20 lines. Now, we want to reduce it to 5 sides, so we divide by 4. All you have to do to accomplish this is go to the Vertex tool and make your way around the circle, deleting 3 out of every 4 vertices.
  • You now have a perfect pentagon! Repeat this process (or copy + paste + resize) inside the shape, and flip that shape vertically. Now you can just connect-the-dots to make a star shape. Alternatively, you can use the Curve tool AGAIN, only this time using just 1 segment so there are spikes instead of curves. Then you can adjust the distance to whatever looks right to you.

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Okay... I spent a lot of time on this for a wad of mine, but found a way to make an almost perfect *hollow* pentagram, with a hollow pentagon inscribed around it.

1. Draw a pentagon by making a line, another line of equal length, using the rotate tool to make sure it is exactly 108 degrees offset from the first line. Repeat with four other lines, each 108 degrees from the last one until you got a pentagon (with a little tweaking here and there)

Use some math here. The angle of each vertex in a given polygon is ((f * 180) - 360)/f, where f is the number of faces the polygon has.
Anyways. You got your pentagon.

2. Now copy the pentagon, paste, but while you are still selecting where to stick it Scale it down about 90%, then stick it in the first one, centered if possible. Now you have 2 pentagons, one inside the other.

3. Now it gets a little wierd. You need to draw triangles on the inside face of the inner pentagon. The bottom corners will be aligned with the OUTSIDE pentagon, so it is probably best to set up your vertex's before actually drawing anything.
So set up your bottom corner vertexs, then make a third vertex in the middle of those two and pull it out to make a triangle. Connect the dots, and pull the triangle towards the center until it reaches inside quite a bit (see screen).
Repeat along the other four sides.

4. Now all that is left is to fill in the gaps with more triangles and a inverted, scaled down pentagon.

There you have it. A little time-consuming, but has some great results.

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