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So i took my chainsaw and...OH MY GOD THERE'S A FINGER IN MY BREAD!

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Im not even a "Buddhist" or whatever, but after "crunching?" into a severed (more than likely somewhat decayed and discolored w/odor no doubt) finger tip in corn bread -of all places, i dont think i would have an appetite for several week's (if not months) myself...

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It's wierd, everyone is finding fingers in their food nowadays, you'd think that if you lost your finger in the Nutter-Butter machine, that you'd go running to your boss, screaming "OH MY GOD, I JUST LOST MY FINGER!" not waiting countless weeks until some idiot bites into his candy bar and says, "AH! A FINGER!"

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Hmmm, crunchy.
What I'm curious about is: If they knew someone had lost a finger tip. why did they not go looking for it before it got packaged with the cornbread?

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pritch said:

Yeah. A Buddhist in jail. Remarkable!

It was drug charges. He was probably caught with some amount of pot so of course the system throws him in with all the rapists and murderers.

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