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Another fine mess

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Ok, so this may be something to do with my computer. But while I was making a new map, I saved it to an existing wad. Then I tried to go to 3d mode. The computer restarted unexpectedly (It's been doing that a lot lately), but when I tried to edit the wad, I found that none of the maps showed up. I had to try one of the backups, however when I tried to make a new map as before, the same thing happened. Only this time none of the backups worked. I got a windows message saying 'blah blah is corrupt or unreadable file. Try the chkdisk utility.' or something like that. So I did the utility. Now Doom Builder doesn't even load the wad. It says "Could not browse the WAD file contents in this file. Error -2147221504: File is not in IWAD or PWAD format"
The only manual backups I made are not recent, and I have lost four levels.
Is there anything I can do?
Oh, and btw, the map I was making was Doom in Hexen format, and all the others in the wad were Doom in Doom format.

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Maybe I should give the exact details of what I was doing, maybe they would help?
Well, I had created a new map as I said, and I increased the height of the first few sectors to 2048 or something high. Then I made four pillars, height 1024. So I got this pit, and four towers on each corner. I went to 3d mode, and after a first glimpse of the level, the computer restarted. Maybe this was caused by the big height difference?

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If your computer is restarting a lot lately, what makes you think DoomBuilder is the problem?

What OS have you got?
What were you doing the other times it restarted?

I would update your graphics drivers to the latest, just in case, and possibly install the latest directX also.

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