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Lost Worlds (Equino-X) speed pack

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I've made a little speed pack for the Ultimate Doom episode "The Lost Worlds" by Equino-X.

Ten demos: one on each map, plus an extra one on E1M3 showing a trick route. Five of them are pacifist.

The pack is here. Some of the demos are rather casual (early exits), while others involved more work. None are very highly polished though.

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Wow! Those are fun maps.. But I'm not sure I'd like to try UV speed for them ... Ugh, a little too messy for my taste. :-)

Great that you made an entire pack (I seem to recall you having posted some speed/pacifist demos of this before?).

EDIT : Yup in the "Random Demos" thread! ;-)

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Yes, the e1m1 pacifist had appeared here before.

e1m2 isn't suited to speedrunning, and e1m8 is too easy - these demos are only there to complete the set. All the others were quite fun.

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