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"New" Pewter Cyberdemon

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I discovered something interesting while perusing this link:

Second page, 5th picture from the bottom...

Look closely at the pewter figures on the right. Yep, that's the good old Reaper Cyb on the far right, but hey... who's that guy next to him! Why, it appears to be another DIFFERENT pewter Cyberdemon! Pretty cool huh?

Here's a closer look:

I know absolutely nothing about this alternative figure, perhaps it was a prototype version of the Reaper Cyb sent to id for review. Anyone know?

Note that this can't be the Doom 3 Cyb, as the article was written when Paul Steed was still at id.

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Its a prototype cyberdemon model that was dropped for the current version. It was much more slim. I used to have a image of it. I'le see if I can't find it.

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Awesome! I like that one better.

Anyone remember the alternate Quake 2 parasite prototype action figure? it looked just like the one from the game.

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