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weird lags upon entering a room

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whenever i enter a new room, the game just fucking plays at about a frame every 3 seconds. After I have thorougly looked over the room, it runs quite well, at about 40 fps even with complex architecture in view.
i'm almost positive it's my video card.

shit, this isn't even my computer, but it's the closest I'll ever get to playing it smoothly. I inhereted some money from a dead relative (about $900) and blew it on a laptop worth about $1200. At the time I had no idea that a Radeon 9100 igp was a peice of shit, or that 256mb of shared memory was horrendous. As for that laptop, if I upgraded with 1gb of ram, would i get an acceptable framerate? don't tell me to buy new equipment either; that's a given. If I had a job I wouldn't be asking these questions now. Just wondering if patches or driver updates would help either system at all.

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