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3rd Map.

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Hello all, I'd like to post a screenshot of my 3rd doom map. Which i do not think it will be done in time for this upcoming /newstuff. But definatly next week's one.

Here is the body count from the first two rooms:

(PS the colored squares on the floor are crates that you lower to get ammo and guns.).

Post some feedback.

*EDIT* The dark spaces on the wall are switches not rooms. The distance from them made them dark when the screenshot was taken. Just thought i'd clearify that.


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Cool it needs a ton of detail imo, it could turn out to be an nice room :p
Try to make ledges and windows, doors that lead to other areas, some ceiling lights.
Maybe change the sky to a more evil one pehaps, keep working on it.

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Submerge said:

Head and shoulders above NUTS.wad in playability.

Wrong. It plays very smooth. They aren't all in the same room at one time.

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