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Rotting Corpse

A end boss mod

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I though that the Cyberdemon fight was one of the worst boss battles. The end boss of any game should hand your ass to you at least 3 times befor you beat'em. I beat him my first try. After beating the cyberdemon I started to mess around with him in the d3 editer. I gave him threee times the heath of sarge and made it so his missiels lock on like the Revreants. Also insted of having to use the soul cube on him 5 times you only have to use it once and the imps dont start poping up tell the Cyber is all most dead. Once you kill five and the imps stop appearing and you just have to finish the Cyber off. Then The ending plays. After making the changes I went ahead and tryed to beat him. After dyeing 4 times I won. The reason I'm posting about this is I should have the net at home in acouple of days and wanted to know of any one else would like the mod I made.

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The battle would be over pretty quick. I agree with your comments on the original Cyb...Sarge and the Hell Boss were much harder

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Heh, sounds good to me! I was a bit disappointed by the end-boss fight, as well, and this mod sounds like one awesome end-boss fight. I agree that the end boss should be hard as hell, and this mod certainly fits the bill. :P

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