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how do i remove lump prolems?

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i have some new textures i downloaded a few days ago and i am haveing a problem figureing out how to get a thing called a lump, fixed. dose ne1 know were i can find a exe devices that fixes or gives me the lumps requiered for this?

and i also have a crash to desktop when i am adding a texture to a wall.

can someone help me with this problem or i wont be able to make maps =(

something like this:
WARNING: Could not find required lump PLAYPAL
WARNING: Could not find the required lump for the patch BODIES

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Both the PLAYPAL and BODIES lumps are in doom2.wad, maybe you're doing something wrong when you're loading the texture wad?

Needs more info.

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i dont know what im doing wrong unless im not useing the right doom type to make a map. i chose doom2 the most. so which one should i use instead?

im confused.


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