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Kid Airbag

I am dumb; what does this mean?

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Okay, so there's this levelset I've been working on for the past three and a half years that I'd really like to finish at some point. Just this morning, in a sudden burst of inspiration, I decided to port the entire thing to Doom 2 (it was originally going to be an Ultimate Doom episode) after realizing that the gameplay possibilities would be so much more if I were able to utilize the Doom 2 monsters, etc.

So, I created a new wad with WinTex, copied all the levels and important things, copied all the required patches, textures, and flats. I am one hundred percent sure that everything that the maps should need to run is in the wad. However, upon trying to load it in ZDoom, this lovely thing appears:


3 errors in R_InitTextures

Now, I think I know what the problem might be, or at least what it has to do with. In WadAuthor, there are no "bad texture" errors, except for where the floor or ceiling is using a custom flat. Then I remembered that there's something special that needs to be done when using new flats, or the game/editors won't recognize them. In WinTex, I clicked "Use F_END in flats list," but that didn't solve the problem.

So, if any of you people who know what you're doing would like to tell me what I'm doing wrong and what needs to be done to fix this, it would be greatly appreciated. Thanks in advance.

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Hell, that could mean anything. >< I can't help any more than tell you to just double-check everything. Maybe there's duplicates, missing patches, bad sizes, etc.

ZDoom is very lenient when it comes to messed up stuff though... fatal error sounds pretty bad.

If there's not a terribly lot of work involved, maybe do the porting process again and see if the errors go away?

And lastly, you do realize that not all Doom textures are in Doom 2 right? Could be you need to copy some Doom textures over as well.

I dunno, hope that helps, good luck. **

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Thanks, but I've checked and double-checked everything eight times over. If it were a problem with wall textures and/or patches, WadAuthor would recognize this and tell me some linedef or another had a "BAD FRONT/BACK SIDE TEXTURE." However, the only errors left in WA are either there intentionally ("invalid" tags that I'm using for the silent teleporter trick, etc.) or they are concerning "bad floor/ceiling textures." All of the floor/ceiling textures are in the wad, so I'd be willing to bet that it has something to do with the way they're inserted in the wad that's causing the problem, cause I remember someone told me the right way of putting flats into a wad, but I just can't quite recall exact how that works.

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Looking at one of my wads in WinTex, custom flats should go between FF_START and F_END.

Wall patches go between PP_START and PP_END and sprites between SS_START and SS_END, so I have no idea why F_END only has the one F in it.

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