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I am missing textures in Requiem

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Is running Requiem with :

-file requiem reqmus

enough to have all textures?

I used Prboom to watch a map17 demo, and in this one room, there were black squares with grey outlines everywhere... is there some textures I need or a dehacked file?

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There are no additional files required. requiem.wad has all the maps and resources they need; reqmus.wad is an additional music-only wad.

I'd imagine the problems you referred to stem from using the OpenGL version of PrBoom, possibly without a graphics card that is up to the task. You occasionally get problems in OpenGL mode no matter what (as the maps weren't designed for it), but the severe problems you describe sound more like inadequate hardware support. You could try adjusting your GL settings in the cfg file (see the section "OpenGL Settings" in the file boom.cfg.html in the documentation). This might help, but no guarantees. Also, Budko's modified version recently featured a fix for one texturing bug.

If you say which Requiem map17 demo, and where the problems occurred, I'll be able to confirm whether there are any problems at that point on my system.

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k there's the part where you go through the red door that has skulls on it. Then you come to this area where there are chaingunners up above in little niches before you get to the teleport (a red one and a white one). In that little arena and by the teleporters, all the walls are blac squares. The demo is rq17miss, the one where Kristian Ronge proves that you can kill all the monsters, whereas apparently somebody left some monsters alive... in this post : http://www.doomworld.com/vb/showthread.php?s=&threadid=33072

Theres a demopack in there that has the demo i'm talking about. I have lots more texturing problems than this, but maybe if you know some settings i can change, go right on ahead. I though my graphics card was fine: Geforce4 6600GT pci-e card. But maybe settings take the cake in this one.

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