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The Doom Effect

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The article wasn't the best, I mostly meant the links, such as Doom RPG and few others.

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for someone who cant be bothered to read all that at 3.30 am can any kind soul give a brief summary?

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id Software's 12 year-old brainchild is still as vibrant part of gaming culture as ever ... So what is it about DOOM, that it could imprint itself so boldly in our brains? If I had to choose anything, I would pick the visual and aural artistry. Combining horror, action, and science fiction was something that no one had quite done before. ... But I'm not the only one who has an opinion. We talked to ... Tim Gerritsen, Chairman of Human Head Studios, currently developing Prey, which is based on the DOOM 3 engine. Gerritsen tell us, "What really made DOOM cool was ... the Aliens mod." ... 'You have a chainsaw and you can use it on 3D monsters. I mean if that's not the cat's ass, what is?' .... DOOM broke out of the community to embrace the unlikely and the casual, a legacy that's been with us ever since.

executive summary: "What really made DOOM cool was ... You have a chainsaw and you can use it on 3D monsters."

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