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Not-Your-Average Stat bar that i need help with

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I'm working on a actual bar for representing health and whatnot on a hudmessage with 2 gfx, one is an empty bar that is 102 pixels wide, and the other is a 1 pixel wide to fill the bar. The script i'm using to fill the bar isnt behaving correctly, and i know for a fact this could work if i just knew what was wrong with my for loop.... Any ideas?

for (acounter = 1; acounter < shieldhp[1]; acounter++) 
bcounter = acounter / 1000; //assume shieldhp[1] == 100 
setfont ("SHIELDFI"); 
hudmessage(s:"a"; 1, 0, CR_GREEN, bcounter, 0,3); 

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hudmessage requires "fixed" numbers, not "int". Try something like

bcounter = acounter / 1000.0;
acounter might be a fixed too, I'm not sure.

Also, hudmessage uses coordinates from -1.0 to 1.0, so you probably want to use sethudsize too, if you don't already.

a small mistake fixed.

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Okay got the fixed point numbers situation fixed, and the sethudsize is really helpful because i've just encountered this issue with the gfx bar and thought there was no hope for it... Guess there is! **
Thanks Boris.

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