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NooBs guide to mapping resources needed

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So, after playing fantastic mods and wads for about a year after finding this site (and some crap), I've finally decided to try this out for myself. I've settled on XWE and Doombuilder and am having a little fun (creating crap so far). I only get a few hours a week to map, so a final product (especially one worth releasing) might take a while.

I've looked for any wad authoring tutorials I can find, and have found many. But what I really am looking for now is a list of the best texture/monster/etc resource packs for cool stuff to add into a level. I've used a few things from my favorite maps, but after doing a forum search I see reference to resource packs that I can't find links to.

Also, I've seen reference to NMN's weapons creation guide, or something like that. Are there guides on how to create your own textures, weapons, and monsters and add them to a wad? The whole process, start to finish. I don't want to always use someones elses creations, I'd like to come up with my own stuff once in a while. Again, I've searched the forums and web, but I figured one of you guys (like Grazza that seems to have links to everything Doom) could probably quickly hook me up.

I'm a pretty competent programmer, but doing graphics is new and I need some direction to really get started. I do alot of GIS work and programming in statistical packages and such for my job so it's nice to do this for fun. For anyone that uses ArcView or ArcGIS I have an interesting idea for a level. Well, maybe only interesting to the uberGIS geeks out there. But to accomplish it I will need to recreate some graphics so I'm not infringing on the ESRI license agreement.

Anywho, Peace out

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The Afterglow has textures, and you can get more resources by searching in the idgames database in many ways (by author, name, text, etc.) Also, if you don't wish to create things from scratch you could use free textures as a base; there are many sets out there on different sites, from many sources (generic, games, demos, etc.)

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Thanks myk, nice sets of textures on Afterglow. I also found a few cool ones in the archives. I'm still looking for a comprehensive guide to creating monsters and weapons (not just pasting in existing ones). I don't quite understand how many frames are needed for movement, weapons animation, pickups, etc... I looking at wads in XWE to try an figure it all out, but I'm progressing slowly (I don't have large blocks of free time).

I have quite a few links to the various Doom sites, and am still reading through such tuts as the DB guide so I should figure this out sometime in the next year. Any and all links/info you guys for your favorite sites/resources is appreciated.

Peace out

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Macro11_1 said:

How come your's works, and his dosent? Sorry, yes, very stupid. And I think I need a licence to use this brain of mine, cause its stupidity could end up hurting some one ...

Because his link actually links to a page with the the dots in it, he probably copy'n'paste'ed teh link name, and not the real URL.

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