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Sigma Quadrant released

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Grab the link here

Move the deimos folder into your main doom3/ folder. Start Doom3 and under mods choose "Escape From Deimos". When the mod loads, select new game and choose your difficulty. Then you will be given a map selection screen. Choose Sigma Quadrant.

* Troubleshooting *

If you are having problems with the map selection menu, launch the map manually by bringing down the console by pressing alt+ctrl and ~ and set these command lines:
g_skill : values of 0 though 2 will set the difficulty skill. Please set it if you wish to play the map other than on medium skill.
To launch the map manually type map game/samuel/kaiser_3d3

* Using other previously released maps*

If you have downloaded kaiser_1d3 and kaiser_2d3, you can include them in this mod. Just move the pk4 files into the main deimos/ folder. Then you can select them in the map selection menu.

And now in the meantime, here are some screenshots.. and there's a lot.


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Looks good Kaiser. I greatly enjoyed Refuelling Base (the gameplay balance was much better than T-Lab) so I'm really looking forward to this.

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BlackFish said:

what card do you have? those fps levels look low. :P

Ati Radeon9800 pro and 2100+ Althon :(

I usually run Doom3 at Medium with 1024x768..

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BlackFish said:

what card do you have? those fps levels look low. :P

Not everyone's daddy buys them the latest and greatest.

Awesome screenshots Kaiser, you offer Doom3 level design courses? ;)

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