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ah... the woes of computer hardware... (ftp info)

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Yesterday afternoon (Thurs) I picked up a brand spanking new 20 gig hard drive (my motherboard won't support any higher, leave me alone). Pop it in, and the thing won't save partition information. Boot into Windows, and it sees it as a removable drive... weird. Then I set it up as the master and my old drive (20 gig, same make) as a slave. It worked. So I decided, simple enough, I'll just ghost the files over. Well, everything ghosted over but one drive: my bootable Windows drive. Now I have to set up windows again... sigh... Oh well, it was time for a reinstall anyway...

Just so you all know, the site and the ftp will be back up and updated tonite (Fri) or tomorrow morning (Sat). Worst case scenario Saturday nite.

The good news is, when the FTP comes back up, there will be quite a few changes. First of all, I now have a mirror for my Transformers: Robots in Disguise episodes. There will also be an expanded FTP/Requests section on the website, including a complete list of my toons/anime. It will be updated as I get more. With the extra FTP space, I'll be putting up my ftp.cdrom.com backup from earlier this year. It may be a bit old, but it's better than nothing. I might even make an upload account for it. Also, expect some really cool Doom stuff, and more!

Talk at you all later! Time to finish this damn Java project for school...

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