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Patch Install Problem

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I am having trouble installing the Doom3 patch. I had a previous fully patched game. hard drive went bad and had to replace it. but first I uninstalled Doom3 and reinstalled ever since I cannot get the patch to Install. It keeps saying that the patch is already installed and cannot be reinstalled. but the game wont run without the CD and in the console it says v 1.0. I also tried to install the old 1.1 patch it also says it is alredy installed. I have uninstalled and reinstalled the game 3 or 4 times. and it still will not work. THANK YOU for any help you can give.
I am running
Win XP Pro
Asus mb
Athlon xp @ 1.8 Ghz
1.0 GB ram
nVidia GeForce 6600 - 128MB
West Dig 160 GB Hdd 8mb cache
All drivers up to date (as best I know) and game runs fine.
Just cannot get the patch to Install
P.S. there is no uninstall for the patch in add/remove programs.
and I've redownloaded the patch from 3 different sites.

Again THANKS for any help in solving this problem

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