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I need a few suggestions for a Mall level.

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Make a foodcourt with zombies and imps, and have a bunch of marine body/limb sprites on the tables. Give it a bloody floor, and as a joke, you can put a custom fastfood McMancubus stand in one part of the foodcourt.

If you could fit it on a menu, have it say "MickyManc's BLubbermeal only 99C!!!" Lol i'd laugh to death if I saw that

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Change the monsters to products, like packets of chips, or frying pans with a little tag hanging off them :p

and for the guns have little price tags hanging off them too :D cause you get them from shops. like the shotgun could be from some hunting store. and maybe replace the plasma gun with the radiating part of a microwave that heats the food from a microwave you got from the cookware section and it cooks monsters and stuff. and change the fist with one of those kid's car thingies and replace the BFG with the DVD of some Olsen twins movie.

shit now i want to make this wad :(

PS i remember one mall level had a shopping trolley as a weapon. that was pretty sweet.

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I see that the ideas may be slowing down but still, I'll wait. I do have good news of course. I found some interesting things I can do in ZDoom which I can add in this mall wad. One example is having that elevator effect. You know, the ceiling and floor move at the same time forming a box for the player to ride in. Also I found out how to scroll the textures downward for a waterfall effect since I heard one of the ideas was about adding a fountain. Anyway, I think I can create this wad and if I need assistance, I'll call upon all of you.


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