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door issues/dumb questions

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um.. i'm building my first wad right now, so i don't know crap, and even though i supposedly know how to make doors, I'm having goofy issues with them. As i understand it, to make a door, you must put a sector inside a sector, making four lines. the inner two lines are selected to have action #1. the inner two are also set to have the same ceiling/floor height. that's all I know for sure. I've looked at the map that comes with Doom Builder for help, and it confused me even more. i don't know what the outer two lines represent, same with the inner two. When I play the level, and try to use the doors, The texture instantly flips so that it's reversed (I think it switches between front to upper texture or something), and then flips back. it never opens. I'm not sure if I'm supposed to set any thing to impassible. well, I'll just get to the questions.

1. What do the lines of a door represent?
2. What are the specific lines that need to be highlighted for action #1?
3. What needs to be impassible?
4. What the hell am I doing wrong?

HELP! I'm at my wit's end!

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