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What's your favorite food?

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Grazza said:
As long as it causes physical pain, it's worth trying.

I'm back from the hospital.

The glass I chewed wasn't bad, but it didn't really taste that good.

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Grazza said:

As long as it causes physical pain, it's worth trying.

Best quote ever.

Anyhow, I have several foods I love, I can't say i have a favorite.

When my mother makes her cincinatti style chili (basically meat soup) She soaks dried habaneros in it, removing them before serving, thank god. Gives the chili a delicious burn.

Other well loved foods:
Pizza (specifically with pepperoni bacon and black olives)
Lasagna (Orgasm in a pan)
Fried Cheese Sticks (Good if you can keep from choking on the fresh ones)
Non spaghetti pasta with homemade cheese sauce (I've eaten spaghetti my whole life and am tired of it now)
Stuffed pastas such as Ravioli and tortellini
Gyros (Also called Doner Kebabs) with lamb meat and no onions
Fried chicken fingers (I always go for these if i can't decide what to order at a restaurant. it's a safe choice)

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Pizza has been my favorite food for about 30 years. My mom recently gave me some stuff when cleaing out her basement, and in it I found a "All About Me" book I made in kindergarten. I said even then that my favorite was pizza.

A close second are venison fajitas with red onion, green pepper, romaine lettuce, pepper jack cheese, and homemade salsa. The homemade salsa is also home grown with 5 kinds of pepper, the main being habenaro and jalepeno, but also contains smaller portions of cayenne, hot block, and green peppers. Also contains onion, garlic, tomato, cilantro, and cider vinegar. After years of trial and error my dad and I have perfected our favorite salsa. Also, most years, I get lucky and shoot the deer myself. Other years I have to beg vension from friends.

Man, I'm hungry. I need to go crack open a new jar of salsa (out of venison at the moment, but hunting season starts in about 1.5 months!).

-Peace out

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Fredrik said:

Mine is macaroni with ketchup and (Swedish) meatballs. I make it nearly every day and it only gets tastier.

Hehe maybe this is a swedish thing?

Since i am lazy, and very rarely have the balls to touch anything more advanced than my microwave (for fear of burning the kirchen down) i tend to favour the same thing :)

Mmm, "snabb makaroner" and "mamma scans färdigstekta" meatballs rocks my world.

Kachiiiing! A 5 minute flight to paradise.

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mallis said:

toast with a generous helping of artificial butter, coffee with two sugars and lots of milk. One ciggie for afterwards. Excellent meal.

I think I may know you...heh

Also I've had some very delicious thai dishes, fuh comes to mind, or however you spell it. pho i think

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Roasted mushrooms are the absolute best thing ever.

Sushi rolls come in right behind them.

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