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Help with Doom multiplayer

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i have read many faqs and searched the forums, as well as downloaded many different programs (skulltag, ZDoom ect...)
but i was wondering if someone could help me out,
What is the easiest way to play Doom co-op multiplayer, when i have windows pc on dial-up internet, and my friend has a Mac and wireless internet...


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Mac? Eek. There's not many ports that play Mac. This might be impossible to do but I'm not exactly sure so don't take my word for it. Research what ports have a Mac port and see which one is best.

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There are Mac engines that could be used for multi-player... mainly some versions of Doom Legacy, and a plain version of Doom id Software released. No idea if you'll be able to connect with your friend, though, and considering you use dial-up, you won't get a very good connection there.

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