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Doom Marine

Problem: Extremely high count of lumps in a PWAD results in particular error

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XWE 1.15 stops importing and displaying Flats properly when the lump count exceeded 2,790... just to confirm my case, I ran XWE on two different computers, both of which followed the same protocol upon the insertion of a new Flat:

1) Opened up my PWAD with XWE 1.15.

2) Entry ----> Load.

3) Loaded a 64x64 bitmap.

4) Received the following message: "File was still open."

5) Followed by: "Read beyond end of file."

I closed my PWAD and opened it again, scrolled to the newly uploaded flat, lo and behold it turned into a tutti-frutti patch with 165x165 dimensions.

I've converted over 800 flats with this procedure, and weird things only started to happen recently with XWE as my lump count skyrockets.

Hopefully you'll spot this problem too.

Thank you for your time.

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I've tested XWE with WADs that have a lot more entries and did not run into any problems. It's possible that there's a particular problem with the WAD you're using. You could email the WAD file to me and I can check it out for you.

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Got WAD your file. First something a bit off topic: I couldn't figure out why everyone who emails me keeps using my old web-based email account, since I changed the email link on the XWE homepage months ago. Finally it hit me: I didn't update the profile here at doomworld (well now it's updated). If you would have sent it to my new address I would have gotten it.

Anyway, as a first try, I imported >100 large test bitmaps, no problems whatsoever. XWE's internal lump limit in one WAD is actually 50000, so you're nowhere near yet. Your WAD is very large though, the only thing I can think of is your computer running out of resources. Did you try turning off undo from the options menu? For a WAD this large you'd probably want to do that.

To be sure that it's your WAD's size, you could try this: make a copy of your Doom2.WAD, and edit it. That has almost 3000 entries BTW, more than your WAD, but the file size is smaller. Import some images, it should be fine. Let me know how it goes.

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Csabo said:

Did you try turning off undo from the options menu?

The only options menu I found was through XWE-->View-->Options...
And I didn't see "undo", unless one of the general options is related to undo... I'm clueless, please spell it out for me :)

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