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Can't do textures

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I try making a map in DB in the ZDoom(Doom in Hexen format) format, but when I go into 3d mode the walls are all covered in ?s. Then when I try clicking on them I get this error:
Error 9 in RunTextureSelect: Subscript out of range
Then DB freezes till I ctrl-alt-delete it out. How to fix?
Edit: The same thing happens with the Doom in Doom format format. When opening other wads, the textures work, and when using other peoples textures it works too, but note other topic about using other wad's textures.
Edit 2: Btw winXP was recently reinstalled again on this computer and all previous files have been deleted. I've got Doom2, Zdoom and DB. Is there anything else I need?

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I think I've fixed the problem. I just have to do 'Additional Textures From doom2.wad' when making a new map. Don't see why that would help, but it does. The textures work now.

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