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Doom Marine

Source Ports and Tall Skies

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I'm composing a sky texture with y-dimension taller than 128 units, and I've been testing it around two popular source ports: ZDoom 2.0.63a and PrBoom 2.2.4.

The problem lies with the different ways they handled sky textures, which leads to misallignment and ugliness in one source port over the other.

PrBoom, to my observation, displays the top of the sky texture starting at the top of the visible part of the player's screen, regardless of dimensions.

ZDoom, on the other hand, I have no idea how the sky texture is displayed, since the offsets differ from dimensions to dimensions.

If you have any information regarding different source port's techique in displaying sky texture [not skybox!], please do post here. Thanks.

This fiery hellish sky I'm creating is really worth the trouble, yes it is :)

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Doesn't ZDoom allow you to define the sky in MAPINFO? Why not use two versions of the sky and make ZDoom use the taller one like that?

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You can play around with all sorts of generic map or episode information by changing it in a MAPINFO lump. PrBoom wouldn't read the lump so it would use the shorter sky instead. I'm not sure how Eternity and other engines that use MAPINFO to a degree would deal with it; you would have to check their documentation, but they usually have mouselook anyway.

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It works, I dealt with the different source port skies by pointing the skies in MAPINFO at a different texture, since ZDoom 2.0.63a can read the MAPINFO while Prboom 2.2.4 excludes it, the result is I can generate two different offsets for my sky that would satisfy both source ports.

Now as for the rest of the ports like Eternity or Legacy, I haven't tried...

Thanks a bunch.

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