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EDGE crashing

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I'm using the latest version of EDGE, and when I load up Plutonia and try to go to map32, I get the generic Windows "program error" and it goes back to normal.

Is this level too wild or something for EDGE?

Also, the way level changing works is very annoying.

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Yep, it seems that way.

Also, when I first load the game, the music sounds fine, but if I switch levels or start a new game, the music's picth plummets very low.

The first E note of map01 falls to a D.

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I've also had problems with rc2, but it had nothing to do with intermission screens (in my case anyway): just starting map01 of Doom 2 crashes EDGE on my box.

However I can tell you folks that the current (unreleased) version is a lot more stable so hang in there!

Remember it's a release candidate, which means it's still almost a beta, so you can expect some problems, and any issues need to be reported to get them fixed ASAP, so we need your help for that. Please keep those bug reports rolling in with as much detail as possible :)

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for me, it just crash on me when i start it. when i go to the EDGE.LOG, all it said is the EDGE.CFG and nothing else :( im running EDGE on DOOM2.WAD.

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1. Make sure you have the latest drivers for your graphics card installed. Obviously your graphics card should support OpenGL.

2. Make sure you've run the OpenALwEAX.exe in the EDGE directory?

3. You must have DirectX installed also.

If you still can't get it to run, we would be gratefull if you could send us:

1. dxdiag.txt
this is generated by going to Start->Run and typing "dxdiag". When the screen finishes loading then hit that "save information" button and save the dxdiag.txt file somewhere.

2. edge.log
In the directory where you have unzipped EDGE you will have an "edge.log": send us that too.

3. enhanced edge.log (optional)
If you're up for it, you could also call EDGE using the command "-DEBUGFILE C:\RC2Debug.txt" and then send us the file. This has more info than the normal EDGE-LOG file, and in your case it will be more useful to us.

4. description of bug
with as much detail as possible about how to cause it, what exactly happens etc.

We'd be really grateful if you could take a few minutes to send us this info. My email is firstgen-AT-gmail.com (replacing "-AT-" with "@")

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Not so strange. I also had very little trouble with RC1 but RC2 won't run for me :(

I'm assuming you've tried a "clean" install i.e. uzipping rc2 into it's own new directory?

Anyway, if you could send us the info I mentioned above that would be a great help to tracking down the problem.

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lobo, i think this is the problem. in the "EDGE.LOG" file, when i opened that, it look like this:

[Log file created at 01:28 PM on 09/Sep/2005]

EDGE v1.29 RC#2 compiled on Jul 24 2005 at 13:31:31
EDGE homepage is at http://edge.sourceforge.net/
EDGE is based on DOOM by id Software http://www.idsoftware.com/
from .\EDGE.CFG

it stopped right there and did not go to the EDGE main menu. it just crashed like that. one more thing, lobo, i would like for you to look at the file, "dxdiag.txt", but i cant put it here. i may have to e-mail it to you to have a look at it.

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If the log stops right there, then it is probably a sound problem. Try updating your sound drivers and re-running the OpenAL installer.

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