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Hey Elbryan42

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Since you seem to have some Castlevania: COTM tracks on your site (well, hopefully it'll be back up soon), I was wondering if you'd be able to put the Doom GBA tracks up as well when it's up and running soon.

(I just hope he's back in time to read this)

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Dude, e-mail or private messages get better results.

Hmmmmm....would work, now if only I knew the former! Besides, I'm not the only one that has done this. Hell, I remember back in the polls forum, somebody asked Liam a question.


General: Discuss anything and everything DOOM related

I was just asking a simple DOOM related Question. Jesus Christ guys, if you're not gonna offer any help, then DON'T FUCKING REPLY!!!!!!!

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Oh, I'd say I'd definitely be doing that. I may even redo those COTM ones later. Less than a week baby!

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