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Midi probs

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I've experienced this problem twice on 2 different computers. The midi sound is set to come out of the left speaker by default. On this particular computer, I have to change the balance to Center after finishing a level. Each time the midi restarts, in other words.

Is this a WinXP problem or something?

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Sounds like the same problem Eternity had up until the last version. The SDL_mixer library had a bug in its volume setting function that would cause the right channel volume to be set to zero (the same as a hard pan to the left). This was fixed, however, as of SDL_mixer v1.2.6 -- if you need the updated DLL, just get the latest version of Eternity, because it already includes it. Then find all copies of SDL_mixer.dll on your system and replace them with the newer version, and this problem should go away in all programs that use the library.

EDIT: Beaten to the punch :P

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